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How to do a Vulva massage that milks the prostate with tips, strokes and techniques. One can have amazing powerful orgasms with Vulva massage. Also see how to give a clitoral massage  for details on this pleasure area. Most men are too much in a hurry to get to sex and miss the power of erotic massage.

Vulva massage: Tip One

Massage the whole body for relaxation. This allows a deeper experience  and removes blocks for the women to have a deeper orgasms. Massage the buttocks and go deep in the buttocks and above the pubic hair. Most women hold a lot of tension in their bodies and need 10 to 20 deep massages to remove this to allow they to have whole body orgasms. Letting go is important to have great experiences, so any tension in the body hinders this.

Vulva massage: Tip Two

Hold one hand on the vulva and one on the heart area. Ask the woman to breath into the belly and totally relax and let go. Hold these points for a minute or two. One can also ask her to open her mouth if shut and make some signing on the out breath. This opens the energy in her body to move.

Vulva massage: Tip Three

Now it it time for a more stimulating sensual massage. Use plenty of oil on the vulva and use slow strokes up the outer vulva lips to start. Then do the same stroke on the inner lips. One can gently squeeze the whole vulva together and move it up and down too with your fingers. Most women love this stroke.

Vulva massage: Tip Four

Massage either side of the clitoris area as this can be very sensitive. Generally the left side is more sensitive than the rights side. Ask her how she likes her clitoris to be touched. Some women do not like direct touch on the clitoris.

Vulva massage: Tip Five

When she is very wet slowly slide your finger into the vulva and on to the g spot area. This usually feels a bit rough under the finger.

Massage the g spot area with an up and down stroke to start and alternate with massaging the clitoris. 

Tune into her energy and pleasure and if she is enjoying the stoke just continue.

One can massage the anus and the vulva but use a lot of care not to spread bacteria into the vulva from the anus.

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