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Sexual Prostate Milking Massage

How to give a prostate massage that milks the prostate with strokes and techniques. 

Sexual prostate milking massage: Tip One

Massage the back and bum first to totally relax the body. The more relaxed, the more pleasure. Ask him to breath more and relax on each out breath.

Sexual prostate milking massage: Tip Two

Run your fingers over the anal opening to give pleasure. Use lots of massage oil. Try blowing on the anus as this is great.

Sexual prostate milking massage: Tip Three

Vibrate your finger on anus to see how relaxed it is. If it is not relaxed, do more massage strokes on the anal opening.

Sexual prostate milking massage: Tip Four

If it is relaxed, slowly do a doorbell stroke and be gentle as you insert.

Sexual prostate milking massage: Tip Five

Use plenty of lub on and in the anus and then locate the prostate and massage this. Stroke down to the anal opening on the prostate to milk the prostate. Massage the penis at the same time for best effect. Also see self anal massage.

Prostate massage videos here