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Sensual and Sexual massage Foreplay

Learn some tips to give a sensual sensual massage and incorporate this into your foreplay to drive her wild with desire.

How To Touch In A Sexual Massage

Most men make the mistake of tending to rush a sensual massage and do the massage stroke too fast. Generally most ladies want the massage to be sensual and slow.

Another essential technique is to come into the body with the hands very smoothly and slowly. Repeat this at the end of the stroke and it will feel much more sensual. Usually most men lack sensuality in their strokes.

How To Start The Sensual Massage

Generally your lover will a gentle and soft touch at the beginning of the sensual massage. So you can be so soft to just touch the fine hairs of her skin. Take care that your partner does not find this stroke too much a tickle.

Another way to begin the massage is to use some fur and silk as this feels so sensual.

Another method to use at the beginning of any massage is to blow up the body and this includes the genitals. Do not blow in the vulva.

How To Make All Movements Erotic

Have the oil you are going to use in some hot water so the temperature is just right.

Some guys tend to skimp on the amount of oil they use and this does not feel so sensual. Scented oils are best.

Another key is to make all massage movements long and flowing.

Now concentrate on the lower back and buttocks, as most ladies hold some tightness in this area.

One area that tends to be forgotten is the sacrum. Try some sensitive tapping and see how she reacts.

Teasing Will Drive Her Wild

To raise the sensual energy try teasing. The best way to tease is to just glide over the genital area now and then.

The toes is a hot zone so spend some time licking and sucking. You might find she finds this very sexy.

How To Be Present In Your Touch

The best massage is when the man is present. The man has his total attention on his hands. He is not in his head trying to do anything to her at all. Most women are very sensitive and really can feel if a man is in his head or heart.

Do this right and you will feel her surrender much more?

If you want to learn to talk dirty to drive your lover wild, download my Free Dirty Talking Phases report.

Dirty talking allows men to get into their strong masculine energy and this can lead a woman into more lusty and wild sex.

Surveys find that most women orgasm through cunnilingus more easily compared to intercourse. To improve your lovemaking skills go to Oral Sex Tips

By combining dirty talking and becoming an expert in oral sex are two great techniques to get your woman to orgasm.

Have fun exploring these tips in my guides above. Join the thousands we have been able to help and visit us now.

If you do something new each time you make love, you will really find out what turns on your woman.

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