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Massage his Penis Technique.

How to give a special penis massage with strokes and techniques for increased orgasmic power. There are many stokes I use in a professional erotic massage. The following is only a few that I use out of 30. To see all the strokes in a video go to penis, vulva and clitoris massage videos.

Massage his penis technique:  Tip One

Hold the penis and just press in with your fingers for a few seconds. Move up the penis and continue the pressing. Take a few minutes with this stroke to awaken the energy. If the penis is not erect, this is a nice stroke to awaken the energy. Usually, the penis will become more erect with this stroke.

Massage his penis technique:  Tip Two

Oil the penis as most strokes feel a lot more erotic with oil. One can also use lubricant in place of of oil. Saliva is a poor third choice.

Massage his penis technique:  Tip Three

Massage up the inner legs and over the penis and up the belly. Try to  massage other parts of the body as you massage the penis. This allows the pleasure to move out of the genital area to other parts of the body.

Massage his penis technique:  Tip Four

Ask him to breath into his belly and relax and to just enjoy. Deep breathing can lead to a whole body orgasm. This also can help prevent premature ejaculation as most men restrict their breathing before ejaculation.

Massage his penis technique:  Tip Five

Hold his perineum area and place a finger on the third eye area. Use several fingers on the perineum area and vibrate. Massage his penis and his anus and prostate for mind blowing orgasms. See prostate massage information for more tips on this.

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